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May 10th – 14th 2010: Painting week at Craig Lodge led by Netta Ewing and Calum Macfarlane-Barrow.

In Pope John Paul’s letter to artists in 1999 he said “The Church needs art.” This retreat is an opportunity to make time to unlock your creative streak and find new expression. This weekend is suitable for beginners and advanced artists. £180 for a shared room, £200 for a single. For more information please visit

July 30th - 1st August 2010: Art Club Scholastica Summer School.

Spend a weekend at Craig Lodge in Dalmally once again to draw and paint and photograph. We hope for sunshine, but our large marquee on the lawn provides us with great studio space if it rains. Craig Lodge provides a warm friendly environment, wonderful home cooking, a peaceful retreat and stunning scenery. Beginners and experienced artists are most welcome.

Apple did publish a patent application in 2009 relating to haptic display technology, and although it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility, we would consider the inclusion of haptic feedback in the iphone 6 to be unlikely

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