Embroidery projects

There are now three embroiderers’ guilds working on liturgical projects designed by Netta Ewing. If you would like to learn about canvas embroidery and take part in one of these mural projects, you are welcome to join in. All the members started as beginners, so don’t worry – you will be given a practice piece to learn the techniques, and there is always plenty of advice and assistance around when you need it – plus cups of tea and gingerbread of course!

members-in-st-leosThe Sacred Threads Group meets on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings at St. Leo the Great, Dumbreck, Glasgow. Their website is under construction at the moment, but you can see the old website at www.sacredthreads.org




 The St. Stephen’s Embroiderers’ Guild meets at St. Stephen’s church, Dalmuir beside Clydebank on a Wednesday evening. They are tackling Netta’s biggest design project yet – over a hundred feet of canvas embroidery in the form of ten murals on the theme of the Story of Redemption. Five of the murals are already installed in the church and have been blessed by Cardinal O’Brien and Archbishop Conti.



The Sacred Strands group also holds its workshops on Wednesday evenings at St. Paul’s in Shettleston, Glasgow. They are working on two tall murals which will flank the sides of the sanctuary. Their theme is Scottish Saints.

st-pauls-laughst-paul-stripAll three groups are full of fun and the joy of life lived to the full. Their dedication to the beautifying of their parish churches is impressive, as is their courage in tackling new and challenging projects. These women are the real heroes of the 21st century!

To apply, applicants must submit a completed online application, two http://writemyessay4me.org letters of recommendation, and required essays
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