Sixth mural at St. Stephen’s

Fourth "Redemption" mural at St. Stephen's
Fourth “Redemption” mural at St. Stephen’s
St. Stephen's, Dalmuir
There are now six ”Redemption” murals to be seen at St. Stephen’s church, Dalmuir, Clydebank. These canvas embroideries are designed by Netta Ewing and embroidered in wool by Mary Shields and the St. Stephen’s Embroiderers’ Guild. There are ten murals totalling an area bigger than the Bayeux Tapestry! The murals tell, through landscape and weather,of the  journey from Egypt to the Promised Land and the text in English and Greek contains the last words of St. Stephen before he was martyred. Cardinal O’Brien and Archbishop Mario Conti have blessed the work and the parish are eagerly awaiting completion.
It is an extraordinary committment by artists and embroiderers as nothing on this scale has been attempted in hand-stitched canvas embroidery before – correct me if I’m wrong, folks!
These wonderful women show us just what can be achieved by taking one stitch at a time with love and patience. They meet every Wednesday night. If you would like to join them, contact the church.

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