Welcome to the cafe

Welcome to my little cafe! You have to imagine the tables and chairs – though I much prefer couches – and the pervading aroma of coffee. There are nuts and nibbles on the table, and maybe some of Ivanna’s amazing tapas.

All your friends are there – talking their heads off, catching up with what’s going on, grabbing a few minutes of relaxation in a safe and inspirational place, just passing through, or maybe having a bad day and lingering longer because there’s no better place to be than beside your friends when things are not so good.

Chilling out and catching up

Chilling out and catching up

This cafe is for you – for us all. Talk to me, talk to each other – tell us all what you love, what annoys you, what inspires you, what delights you. Share the good things you have discovered today – however small. What you have seen, what you have heard, what you have dreamed….. we are all enriched by what you choose to share.

Post a thought, a question, a discovery…. and encourage us all to explore…..

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